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2008-08-24 15:32:45 by Bigfoot156

I got my profile thing from:

My Profile Pic


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2008-08-24 15:53:19

yeah that thing is cool i had a death evil sword with the rams head as the hilt and a normal sword handle, with a dark blade and i randomly put in mr. t with a clock face
also i had a skeletal arm grabbing the sword
also also check out my prof. pic
it sucks i made it in like 10 min.


2008-08-24 15:59:47

I love all of your games! man your so awsome i wanna help you i have a very creative mind!


2008-09-16 14:52:55

Cingular-Raising the Bar.
50 cent-Raising the roof.
Bigfoot156-Raising the chairs.


2009-07-20 04:52:01

Wasssuppp my buddy


2009-08-21 02:54:35

Dude put more post youll become more popular

waht to write about? Your flashes and videos and kool stuff you find on internet!