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Lots of potential

Looks like it could be a great game but I lost interest.

A) I started getting attacked while readin the tutorial still which wasn't great.
B) I lost on the first level.

I think you need to ease players into the game a bit more to make it more engaging


no intro and instructions so it was hard to know what to do or if it ended... I like the graphics a lot though

Pretty good

Pros - Cool Menu - Great Graphics - Cool that you had to buy ur own weapons

Cons - Stupid titles before each level - Gameplay was just ok because you really dont need any weapon other than the first one you get or the dragunov - I didnt know why i was failing (it should say something like you lost the target or you killed the wrong person) - Had to refer to the walkthrough which is always a hassle.

cool but..

Cool game just way too hard. Once they get close to the flame you basically can save urself because the balls get pushed forward - maybe have less colours and the game would be a bit easier


I liked the physics and graphics

at the pyramid level the ball flew off the edge and nothing happened after that so i tried killing my car - i flew off the edge and nothing happened - i just kept falling forever so quit.

Fix the glitches and then its will get better ratings for sure.

Very nice

Nicegraphics good tools and the selection thing is really handy. Had a glitch where the scale of the drawing kept changing whenever i wanted the width or height to change. It only happened after i used the scale i think.

Could use some more work

Graphics kinda sucked for the enemies and weapons and towers. Making those better would definitely improve the game. It was kind of a pain in the ass to have to create each wave if you wanted like 15 waves. You should have a default setting that makes each wave get harder and then let the user customize after if they want.


fckn soo good. Didnt get passed the head but the gameplay sound and graphics were all awesome! cant believe this is getting 6's. My game are supposed to get 6's not this.

not bad

Good job making bingo a little exciting ... kinda hard on the eyes and got a little boring just waiting for numbers to pop up. It would be cooler if you actually had to battle someone to get the numbers you want.


Only worth one play in my opinion. got boring and it was hard to actually aim the ball. seemed like i had no control, id just fire the ball and hope for the best.

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